3 Reasons that “Spring Cleaning” Will Improve Your Work Environment

1)   Decrease Clutter & Associated Costs – Hopefully it doesn’t only happen once a year, but a good clean up can help your office in a few ways. Less clutter will allow employees to better focus and save them time by finding things easier. Companies can save money on things like paper, data storage and other business costs by seeking virtual solutions that will also de-clutter the office environment.

2)   Keep Your Team Healthy- Refill the hand sanitizer dispensers and whip out the disinfectant wipes. Offices and office equipment can accumulate a huge amount of germs with how much they are used, and the variety of people using them. Keeping surfaces, handles and equipment cleaned and disinfected will help to prevent those fast-spreading sicknesses that make their way around the workplace. Keeping employees healthy will assure 2 things: 1) Productivity will be kept at the highest possible level with more employees in the office and 2) Employees taking time off for leisure purposes rather that sick days will improve morale and overall quality of work.

3)   Improve Office Attitude – Studies have shown, working in an uncluttered environment with a good ambiance can improve people’s attitudes resulting in better quality of work production. It’s pretty simple, if people are happier as a result of their environment, they are more likely to put more energy, quality, and more effort into what they are doing.

Now that you have reasons – get to cleaning – it’s officially Spring!


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Ways to Go “Virtual” In the Workplace

Working with so many local businesses on a daily basis has really got us noticing the different ways that businesses are going virtual these days (we are in the business of virtual office space after all).  With motivations ranging from cost-efficiency to storage conservation, businesses are looking for ways to get more virtual, and so we’ve compiled a list on some suggestions that could help your business jump on the wagon:


1)   Virtual Office Space – We might be biased, but we have seen the value that so many businesses have found when they have abandoned the idea of a traditional office space, and utilized virtual office services in their area.  With a virtual office, you can still maintain a local address, have access to office space with flexible options, and take advantage of services like print, fax and video conferencing when you need them.  Flexibility, convenience, and cost savings are major advantages to a virtual office set up.

2)   Virtual Data Storage – For most industries, the days of file cabinets overflowing with manila folders are over.  Unorganized papers further complicated by illegible handwritten notes are taking their place in the history books, while hard drives and “clouds” full of information are taking over.  Virtual solutions offer a much more organized, reliable and compact way of storing account notes, client information, billing data and other important business information. Think about all the room you’d save if you could remove those file cabinets in your office!

3)   Virtual Communication- In order to save money on travel costs, or to find a solution when weather or other conditions prevent teams/clients from meeting in person, many businesses are getting acquainted with virtual communication solutions like video conferencing.  Everyone knows a face-to-face connection goes a long way, but who’s to say that face-to-face connection can’t happen via a computer screen.   A cross-country trip will cost a business much more than it would to utilize the video conferencing equipment at your local business center, and there is no connection lost.  The virtual communication industry is a booming one – and for good reason!


With e-cards taking over traditional mail, and online banking replacing visits to your local bank, who knows how far virtual services in our world will go. But we do know that they come with some major cost and convenience benefits, and are worth looking into if you are a small business! To find out about virtual business options in the Seattle area, visit us here.


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Bowlathon to Benefit Tukwila Food Pantry

Dear Executive Support Center Friends,
As many of you know we have been involved with The Tukwila Food Pantry over the years in helping raise funds and  awareness in the business community for the work that the Pantry does to fight hunger in our area.
Tukwila Rotary sponsors a yearly bowl-a-thon that totally benefits the Pantry.  Rotary pays for the bowling and all of the money raised goes directly to the Pantry.
We would like to invite you to join with us in this endeavor to STRIKE OUT HUNGER!  Please take a look at the attached flyers – there are many ways you could partner with us:
·         You could form a team of 4 to bowl

·         You could join another team to bowl

·         You could become a sponsor (see attached sponsorship levels)

·         You might want to become an event sponsor

·         You can donate in-kind gifts to be distributed at the event

·         Cash donations are always welcome

We’ll be there Saturday, March 29, with a team!  It’s a fun morning, from 10-12 at ACME Bowl in Tukwila (which by the way serves great food and drinks in a smoke free environment!)
Bowling costs $200 per team – we’re so excited about the event – that we will fund ½ of your team ($100) for the first 3 teams that sign up with us!
Any questions about the Pantry or how you could participate – let me know and I would be happy to answer them.                                                           



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4 Reasons Why Working Remotely Can Be EXTRA Beneficial During the Winter:

1)   Avoid “that bug” that seems to make its way around the whole office every season – taking people out for at least a few days at a time.

2)   Avoid the hot/cold battle:  Dressing for the workday is a complicated rollercoaster during the winter months.  You bundle up with jackets, scarves and mittens to make your way from the house to the car.  Then you peel off a few layers once the heat in the car kicks in.  Then you re-layer to dart from the car into the office where the temperature always seems to be unpredictable – either a sweat-inducing heat blast, or a bone chilling artic zone.  Impossible!

3)   Get some rare vitamin D (if your schedule allows). If you work from home, or are a mobile worker with a flexible schedule, take an hour of the day to get outside and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air that is so short lived in the winter months.  Enjoying that time and making up that one hour of work after the sun has gone down can do a lot for your health and well being.

4)   Avoid vehicle problems: From getting stuck in the snow to wearing down your coolant system, winter conditions can be harsh on your vehicle.  If you can minimize driving by eliminating a commute to the office, chances are you will be saved of some winter hassles other drivers are facing!



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New Year’s Resolutions in the Work Place

At the turn every year, many of us spend some time – whether a lot or a little- considering what it is that we would like to do better in the new year.  Floss more, take the stairs, eat more organic foods, say “I love you” more, be more positive.  Even if we know in our hearts we’ll soon be distracted by what the New Year has to bring, it is a time for us to refocus on the things we hold important, and try to make a commitment of improvement to ourselves.  And whether that improvement has to do with health or our personal lives, one area seems to affect all of those – and that is our jobs.  It’s worth spending some time, as we kick off this New Year, to reflect on what we want our year to look like when it comes to work, and HOW we want our work life to affect the rest of our life.  Here are some ideas if you are in the market for a work-related new years resolution:

-Work less, or rather work “better”, to find a more ideal work/life balance

-Work more, (or again, work “better”) to achieve some of your important financial goals

-Set milestones: Beat last year’s numbers, move into management, make it to President’s Club

-Get a new job (if that is indeed that right move for you)

-Reduce your work related stress levels- take walks on your breaks, learn some efficient breathing exercises, incorporate yoga into your post-work schedule, or take a minute every day to listen to some tunes that bring you to a happy place

-Improve your relationship with your coworkers or manager

-Take on more responsibility

-Make your commute more productive: Listen to a book on tape or learn Italian while sitting in traffic!

-Ride your bike to work more

-Bring homemade lunches more often rather than eating out

-Use less paper

-Keep your work space more organized

-Make a point to utilize/rent office space more often to increase your productivity (for you work from homers)

No matter what your goals- there is something here for everybody – so don’t forget about the work place when setting your 2014 New Years resolutions!

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The Upsides to Working Hard at the Holidays

The holiday season, while whimsical and festive, is full of distractions.  Many people take extra time off, and there are plenty of other things (holiday parties, gift shopping, recipes for the upcoming meals) to think about besides work.  BUT there are some incentives to staying motivated throughout the holiday season- so, if you so desire, buckle up and make this a productive time – while still enjoying the magic in the air!


1)   Money: While shopping for presents, holiday decorations and food for feasts can really take a toll on your bank account, there are opportunities – for those willing- to offset that spending with some extra cash.  Many companies, especially in the retail industry, are hiring extra hands for the holiday season.  Seasonal jobs are offered by many merchandisers, as well as within hospitality, to meet the demands of shoppers, travelers, and people enjoying the holiday season in various ways. So if work tends to be slower in December, take advantage of your extra time and replenish your wallet!

2)   “Feel Good” Work: As our parents always taught us – the holiday season is about more than gifts.  Take this time to go the extra mile when it comes to your clients, partners and colleagues – to spread some of the joy.  Whether that means putting in some extra unbillable work for an account, or sending a simple e-mail to your clients to remind them you are thankful for their business and loyalty – going the extra mile will mean a lot to those around you, and will make you feel good as well.

3)   Get Ahead-While many of your clients and partners may be out of the office throughout the holiday season – don’t give in (completely) to the temptation to slack.  Putting in some extra work when you can will make your holiday vacation feel even more deserved, and will allow you to head into the new year feeling on top, instead of behind.  Things will pick up again in January before you know it, so enjoy some of this down time, and use it to your advantage.


Even with the tips above- make sure to enjoy the holidays!


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Better Your Working Self: Finding Motivation From Within Your Office

What makes you feel good? Chances are if you surround yourself with these things in your own work environment, you will become a happier, and maybe even more productive employee.  The beauty of a virtual or home office is that you can make what you like of it.  Who says an office environment has to be generic or boring? Spice it up!  Find the things that make you tick, that get you excited and that put you into your best element.  You might be surprised how far a little office make-over can go….

Music- For many people this is a large motivating factor.  Does Bob Marley take you to your happy place?  Does Frank Sinatra bring you a calm that allows your mind to focus?  Being in the right mindset can make all the difference in the amount and quality of work that you do, so don’t discount what the right tunes might be able to do for your workday. If you find music inspirational – get inspired!

Feng Shui – Whether it’s a fountain that takes you to your “Zen” place, or an artifact from your trip to Africa a few years back that reminds you that there IS life outside of work…incorporating the right feng shui into your office environment can highly affect your mental state as well as your work production. Whatever it is that keeps you happy, grounded, and feeling good – make these things present in your workplace surrounds.  We spend a lot of time “at the office”, wherever your office may be.  It is worthwhile to make this an enjoyable place for you.

Motivational Items: Sports paraphernalia, vacation reminders, etc.  What better to add some motivation to your workday than a reminder of what you are working for in the first place?  What motivates you? Is it money to go on a long awaited vacation or to purchase Seahawks season tickets? Is it the stability of your family or the thought of needing to fund your children’s future college educations?  Whatever it is, having pieces that reflect these motivations can be just what you need to stay driven throughout the workday.  Catching a glimpse of a family photo, or Mariners bobblehead sitting on your desk…might just be the extra incentive you need to pitch a higher deal, or make the follow up call that will get that new client to sign.


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