3 Ways We Can Help Your Heart This Month!

February is American heart month – dedicated to heightening the awareness of heart disease, spreading “heart healthy” ideas, and… as the CDC states, is “a time to show yourself the love”.

How does this relate to our industry? We’d like to think a lot of ways. We’re in the business of supporting your business operations in the hopes of making your life more manageable and therefore reducing stress, and allowing you more time to “show yourself the love”. In honor of American heart month, here are some ways we think we can help contribute the healthy heart cause:

  • Create a more manageable workload – High stress levels have been tied to many heart conditions, and work related stress is one of the top inducers (if not the top) in America. Finding balance and feeling more in control of your schedule, tasks and overall workload will result in less pressure, anxiety and less strain on your body. As scary as it may be, the stress we endure in the workplace often manifests itself physically in our bodies. Do your heart a favor and utilize the resources around you, such as your local business center, to lighten your load and take some work off your own plate.
  • Showing yourself the love – Choosing to utilize a virtual office often means gaining a more flexible schedule. You are no longer required to spend a certain amount of time in the office and you often have more control of your schedule. With that being the case, many times you will find the time to do more “you things”. Use this time wisely – go for a walk or a run, take your kids to the park, or attend a yoga class. Exercise, and relaxing/enjoyable activities are all heart healthy, so use your flexible schedule to your advantage!
  • Personalizing Your Workspace – When you are not a part of a mandated office environment, you’re can make your workspace one that feels better for you. Whether you’re renting a part time office with us, or working from home via virtual office – listen to music that relaxes you, wear clothes you’re comfortable in (if the nature of your work allows)…we support whatever kind of business man/woman you are!

For more ideas on how we can help with work, time and schedule management, contact us today!



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How will office life change in 2015?

Every year brings new advances and trends that continue to transform the office as we know it. We found some must-read articles for you to check out as far as what to expect in the year ahead when it comes to new technologies, the evolution of office space, tactics your employer may consider, and more. We are not at all surprised to see more and more mentions of the word “virtual” throughout the discussion!

Must Read Articles:




Contact Executive Support Center to see what is new with US this year, and how we can help you support you no matter what is changing in your work life this year!

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New Years Resolutions Supported by a Virtual Office

It’s hard to believe – but it is just about that time of year, again. When we reflect on the previous 12 months, and think about some positive changes we’d like to make in the ones to come. As virtual offices are becoming more and more common – we thought we’d give you some ideas on resolutions that can you can easily achieve by the virtual office set up.


Save the Environment– Utilizing a virtual office is an environmentally friendly option when it comes to things like eliminating an every-day commute to an office – which largely limits your contributions to pollution. Also, because companies and employees have the option of using office space when needed – less energy is used on things like keeping the lights or the heat on at the office every day.


Spend time with the Family– A virtual office often means you spend at least part of your time working from home, or at the very least, a more flexible schedule. This gives you the opportunity to make more time for your family, or complete some of the family supporting tasks that might have been difficult before, i.e. laundry, cooking, helping with homework, attending soccer games, etc.


Save $$- From saving gas money on your commute, to eliminating travel costs by using video conferencing for long distance business meetings – virtual office solutions are also very economical. Utilizing virtual office receptionists, companies can eliminate the traditional costs of health care, payroll, rent and more. Virtual offices allow companies and employees to use office space, and the associated costs, on an as-needed basis, which can cut many costs dramatically.






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Give Thanks in the Workplace

At Executive Support Center, rather that just celebrating Thanksgiving on the 27th, we’d like to think of November as an entire month to give thanks. Many of us may find our work or job as a source of resentment or stress, we MAY even complain about it from time to time. But in the spirit of giving thanks, there may just be some things that we can think of to be appreciative of this month – or maybe even year round. If you’re having trouble feeling thankful, here are some of our ideas. And if you find some reasons to be thankful, don’t forget to express them!

  • That coworker that always asks how you are doing.
  • That coworker that always makes you laugh
  • That client that is so quick about getting back to you
  • The help that your boss provided on your last project
  • The functioning car or public transportation that got you to work
  • The person that left treats in the break room for everyone to enjoy
  • Free coffee in the office – always reliable
  • Casual Fridays (or maybe Blue Fridays for the Seahawks if you’re lucky)
  • The recent commission or bonus that will fund a long awaited purchase
  • The feeling you get when you are able to help people through your job, however that may be
  • The skills and qualifications that you have gained throughout your career or time at your job
  • The friendly receptionist who greets you every morning with a smile
  • The maintenance person – always fixing printers and changing light bulbs so that that work can go on as you need it to
  • New cities you have visited as a result of work trips
  • The fact that you have a job!


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Don’t FALL Into These Work Traps!

In tribute to the Fall, we wanted to share some common work ”traps” or dilemmas that a business center like ours can help you avoid. After all, we are a business SUPPORT center, and are here to offer ease to your life, whether that is on a professional or personal level!

The “Overcommitted & Overpriced Office Rental” Trap:

If you have a need for office space, but not on a full time basis, many people don’t know that there are plans to accommodate their individual schedules. Day Rentals, as offered at Executive Support Center, provide a perfect solution for those who need an office one or two times a week, or one of two times a month! Don’t get stuck in a long-term contract for an office you hardly use, and overpay.

The “Mobile Office Turned Filthy Car” Trap:

There’s nothing wrong with a mobile office, and if you are out seeing clients on appointments throughout the day- you may spend a lot of time in your car. But that does not mean your car has to become your office. When it comes to keeping files, doing paperwork, and hammering out phone calls – not all this needs to be done in your car. Utilizing a temporary or full time office space to stay organized and productive can go along way. Think about starting or ending your day (or even stopping by in between appointments) by utilizing a business center to make calls, complete paperwork, fax contracts, and even USE THE RESTROOM! We assure you we have more amenities than your vehicle can offer!

-The “Lack of Work/Life Balance” Trap:

School has started (along with the sports and activities that come with it), Quarter 4 has started and the Holidays are fast approaching – fall has officially arrived. Work in the office and work at home are in full swing, and you may just need some extra help in making sure everything gets done. From professional duties like client invoicing and data entry, to personal duties like addressing holiday cards and shipping packages – we can help you get all the big and small things done, that help you stay organized and maintain the ideal work/life balance, so that nothing falls between the cracks.

Let us help you ride through this Fall SMOOTHLY – checking things off your list, while actually enjoying the ride!


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Back to School Made Easier by ESC!

Back to school can be a hectic time, especially for teachers! Closing the Summer chapter and preparing for a new year ahead of lesson plans, parent teacher conferences, classroom decorations and more – the to-do list seems to go on and on. When it comes to getting organized and checking some of these things off your list, your local business center can come in handy. Besides office rentals, they most likely offer administrative and other support services that will save you time and money heading into the new school year. Here are some ways local teachers and educational staff can utilize our Seattle area support services:



Allow our staff to help with your mass printing needs for things like your class syllabi, list of supplies that your students will need, homework assignments, book lists, tests and quizzes, nametags for your students and more!



Introduce yourself to the parents/guardians of the students in your class with a friendly card to kick off the year right.


Digital Presentations

Slideshows or digital presentations can be a fun and unique way to set yourself and your class apart either when introducing yourself at the beginning of the year, or showcasing your student’s work/activities at the end of the year for parents to see.


Special Projects

Get creative in how you can use technology to enhance the educational lives of your students. If your class has a pen pal program set up with another classroom somewhere else in the country (or even internationally), video conferencing is a great way to allow the students to “meet” and finally connect after their pen pal communications. Video conferencing may also be something to consider for parents who may be traveling or unable to attend parent-teacher conferences of other important meetings.


Let Executive Support Center help you get organized this school year, and get creative in the ways that you can connect with parents, and offer interactive opportunities to your students. Contact us for more ideas!


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Your Summer Guide to the Office!

From what to wear to what to eat, we have everything you need in this 2014 Summer Guide to the Office. Enjoy some fun tips and ideas to make the best of the time you do have to spend in the office this summer!


Must haves to be comfortable and fashionable in the office:



Ways to beat the summer office slump:



Keep your employees motivated with these summer rewards:



Ideas for summer corporate events/outings:



Avoid employee burnout with these fun summer ideas:



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