Get Happier at Work!

An unfortunate yet not so surprising article recently came out about a study showing that 60% of Americans are unhappy at their jobs.  Yes, you heard right, most Americans are not happy at work.  Now we know that a large portion of this unhappiness has to do with career choices .Although we wish we could fix that problem, the nature of the issue is a personal one only to be changed by ones own choices or circumstances (or maybe a better career counselor).  So to the people experiencing the “wrong career struggle,” we can only hope the best for you and finding a better match.

But there is another factor that we are little more familiar with, and it can highly contribute to one’s happiness at work – that is your  work environment.  While it’s true that a lot of our clients here at ESC don’t have traditional work environments (which is usually why they are contacting us to rent offices, conference rooms, etc.) we can see   how environment  affects work satisfaction and productivity of both our clients, as well as many other local professionals.

We all know that a positive work atmosphere can do wonders for our stress levels and overall demeanor, so let’s get to doing something about it!  Here are ten tips for improving your work environment.  Whether you are employer or an employee, a manager or a sales representative, there are things we can all do to battle this unhappy epidemic, and see Americans more satisfied at work.


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